So one thing I’m going to touch on briefly is something which has been growing more and more in and around America known as tent cities. What this basically are as the name implies are communities if you will of people who basically have no homes, most likely no jobs and nowhere to go. So because of this they have been forced to send up groups of tents to try and find some resemblance of normal, safe, living. It’s truly sad and shows what kind of world we live in today along with how far our country has gone from what we aspire to be. Smaller tent city’s in some areas have as little as seventy people but larger ones have hundreds of people with estimates putting people in the thousands homeless in these tent city’s now. The homeless population in America has been guessed at being well over 700,000 and I believe it could likely be much larger then that. This problem began a few years ago and has already been accelerating with the bad economy, lack of jobs, increasing prices and loss of homes. So far all news points to this getting worse as well. Things like this need to make us as Americans and the rest of the world question ourselves in where things are going and what we are doing. What makes these situations even more sad is that in many of these tent city’s the local city has been working to try and drive them off of the land, parks and other places. Just drive them away. To where? No one knows, as long as they aren’t there. It think it’s truly sad. We should look at what is becoming of the country with massive debts, all time high unemployment, along with people being homeless and think on how our approach especially when it comes to government needs to be changed. If you google or youtube tent cities you will find large amounts of information on them.


Occupy Wall Street and bailouts:


Another thing I would like to address is the Occupy Wall Street and the bailouts such as the TARP bailouts. People have asked me my opinion on Occupy Wall Street and overall I would say that their heart is in the right place but some of their motivations are misguided. Many people within Occupy Wall Street wish for a redistribution of wealth saying that the rich have to much of the country’s wealth while the poor and middle class own very little these days.


With unemployment at an all time high there is a lot to support this. The middle class is shown to be smaller then ever along with the general income for very rich versus very poor people. Along with this now more then ever more things of value are owned by the major one percent of the population.



40 Facts That Prove The Working Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out


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The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it:,%5EGSPC,SPY,MCD,WMT,XRT,DIA



Other things worth noting are how many people claim unemployment is even higher then the 14 million people currently which hold us at about 9%. This I can agree with although I’m not sure if it’s as high as some people say but the numbers the government tracks does not include people who have given up looking for work. So I do believe that the numbers are even worse then we realize.


Something else which is interesting to mention too is how a recent study was done which you can look up anywhere on google:


But basically it found that about forty percent of the worlds wealth and money is influenced by only 147 companies out of the hundreds of thousands of company’s all over the world. While I won’t say that this in itself says anything for such it is interesting to keep in mind.


I think the biggest thing which the people of Occupy Wall Street are sometimes forgetting is this problem isn’t just big corporations but also big government. There in is where the problems is. Many people want to ask Obama or ask government to make the rules more fair, change around wealth or help them out. The problem with this is though is that a lot of what corporations get away with is due to big government. People want to blame it all on big business. But when you have big government passing regulations which discourage small business, giving subsidizes to big business, bailouts and secret bail outs then you can see the problem. If we had a smaller government which didn’t pick and choose big business over small ones and protected peoples rights it would be far harder for corrupt business to get government advantages. But as long as big government has the power to benefit those with money then they will do so. I think this is where they should be corrected. You could name most any business or industry and I can probably explain how the government is causing trouble there and that is something I will get to later. But basically the people are right in being frustrated. But if they want real change they need to be calling for an end to perks for big business, an end to the fed and an end to leaders like our president or current Congress who continue to ignore what is good for the people.


Something else I want to touch on is the bailouts and my thoughts on that. I’ve always been very critical of the bailouts like most people. I disliked it from when I first heard of it and spoke against it and by proxy I have always had very negative feelings for people who supported them. I’ve debated with supporters of people such as Cain and Obama about supporting things such the TARP bailouts for big banks and such. One person even showed me this clip recently as to why Cain was not wrong to support the bail outs:


I’ll first by saying that the bailouts were foolish and a mistake. Done with good intentions or not what was basically done was ignoring the idea of a free market. The idea in a free market is that when you create a business you are responsible for it. Both success and failure. If you fail then you must take the burden and shut it down. Competition will come in, offer a better service, take over and create new jobs. It’s a cycle which happens everyday with small business and often with bigger business too. For all of the major company’s which have been around for years there are similar ones who have gone under recently. It’s basically the nature of business and a free market. I don’t wish to see people lose their jobs but business’s do close down for many reasons. The biggest problems with the bailouts is basically that you’re taking tax payer money, taking from the rich, giving to the poor and hoping that they will save jobs. This isn’t sound policy because you’re basically rewarding a business for doing bad simply because they are to big to fail and to many jobs will be lost. In this way you also artificially try to keep places alive while other business’s might go under when they might not have if there competitor had shut down first. Overall trying to fix a market in bad shape by buying out those who you think deserve it is not a good idea and does not encourage them to do well. As far as Obama goes I have very little in the way of happiness for him since signed the bailouts. While I know that Bush was the one who got it started Obama could just have easily refused to sign it and said, “Why are giving money to these big companies. Maybe we should give it to the people instead?” Keep in mind I don’t agree with the government handing out free money but even that would have been better then giving it to large banks and such. As for Cain he shows that his understanding of economies is limited since he supported the bailouts. He claims that if he had known what they would do with the funds he would feel differently. Really it should have been obvious that the money wouldn’t really benefit the average person but all of that aside the government shouldn’t be bailing out private companies to begin with. Something which people need to understand is that governments do not create wealth or money. The only way they can get money is to tax it, borrow it or print it. But they do not create wealth in the same way a business does or people working do by offering a product or service which people want. When government spends they must get the money somewhere and usually it comes by taking it from people or borrowing or taxing it. So people should not believe that the government should be bailing out the private sector or buying things up when they don’t truly create money to do so with. Government going beyond there means is a bill which we must always end up paying back. Generally through inflation and taxes. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not like believe that government should not exist at all. But rather that it is very important for us to understand the proper role of government in our lives.