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Ron wins Virgin Islands:

If you haven’t heard Ron Paul won his first win in terms of popular vote in the virgin islands beating out Mitt Romney with twenty nine percent of the vote to twenty six.

Ron Paul wins popular vote in US Virgin Islands, but Romney dominates the delegates

The sad part about this though is that almost every major news media outlet declared Romney the winner. How did they do this? Well basically Romney won more delegates in the caucus then Ron Paul did for once. What’s so wrong about this is almost every single caucus which has been held so far such as Iowa where Ron Paul is expected to win the most delegates the media just went with whoever got the popular vote as the winner. The one time Ron Paul gets the popular vote and not the delegates and they do the reverse. If this isn’t media bias then I’m not sure what is. But thankfully we’re still pushing forward.

Update on Ron Paul:

I figured that an update on the Ron Paul campaign is in order. There is a lot of confusion on what is going on right now and a lot of outright lies including the media claiming that Ron Paul is losing and is winding down his campaign when the exact opposite is true. On Super Tuesday (March 6th) although Ron Paul didn’t win any states he placed second in more states then anyone else. Also there continues to be signs of widespread vote fraud in multiple states. The worst example was the Maine caucus were voting was delayed for an entire county by the state GOP who then said their votes would not count even though Ron Paul had the most support there. On top of that the state GOP also did not count votes from some towns even when people said that they did indeed vote.

It’s hard to believe that people are going to still claim that there isn’t any cheating going on even with things like this. Apparently we haven’t heard the last of it since in Washington there were reports of automated calls being made to voters telling them that the election day had been changed when it really was never changed. Despite all of this things are going well. The reason why we are doing well is now despite what people are saying in the latest polls Ron Paul does best to beat Obama next to Mitt Romney and is the only one to beat Obama in a head to head match up in some states. Although in some ways Ron Paul does better then Mitt Romney since he pushes Obama’s numbers down further then Romney does.

Something else which a lot of Mitt supporters do not wish to admit is that while Romney does well with some Republican in a lot of states he is doing very poorly with independent voters. While Ron Paul almost always does well with independents. This is very important because independents make up a larger portion of voters now then they ever have before and in order to win president you need those independent votes. If the Republican party can’t win those over then there is no way to beat Obama. But back to my original point Ron Paul isn’t really losing or going anywhere. Although in some primaries he hasn’t done as well as we would like and we’re sure that vote fraud might play a part in it. He is doing very well in caucus states where voting is handled locally instead of by the state.

Mitt Romney has lost a lot of states now which makes it so a brokered convention seems very likely. The race is already over halfway over and realistically not even Romney has won half the delegates he needs. It makes it very unlikely that anyone will win enough delegates before the GOP hold it’s national convention. If this happens and we have what is called a brokered convention then at this point the delegates can vote for anyone they choose. The reason why this will go well for us is because reports are coming in from all over the country that even in states where Ron Paul has not gotten a lot of votes that a majority of delegates getting elected are Ron Paul supporters. So this all seems to play into his official strategy. Of course only time will tell for sure what happens. But know this that we’re not losing or going anywhere.

Here is an interesting post which apparently came from a pro Santorum page:

Comment from a Santorum supporter on a pro Santorum FB page:

“I’m a supporter of Santorum, but I’m also an “anybody but Obama” vote. However as a delegate to our county convention I can tell you that the place was filled with Ron Paul supporters. They are stacking the deck for the National Convention and they will win if you other three don’t consolidate and do it ASAP! But, the problem is bigger than that. Due to a dismal interest level in the political process by voters in general, Paul has very successfully made the case to his people that they can still win by going to their conventions as delegates in mass numbers. Our guest speakers kept saying how impressive the size of our convention was-chalk that up to Paul supporters, and every one of them wanted to go on to the next level.
So, while the others are out pounding the ground for votes he has been working behind the scenes organizing his people to get to the conventions, become delegates and take the nomination from the inside. He keeps saying that he HAS a LOT of delegates. I kept wondering what on earth he was talking bout, but now I see. He could, conceivably, win with the fewest votes in the history of the country. Can HE beat Obama????” …..YES HE/WE CAN!!!

Kony 2012:

I thought I would mention this quickly. There has been a big talk about the Kony 2012 video circulating about the African warlord Kony using child soldiers. While this is indeed horrible this film is proving to be nothing more then a propaganda film. Why you ask?

Basically the information in the film is over six years old. Kony has relatively little power now and most of the resident in Uganda consider him to be a minor threat compared to what he used to be. What is even worse is that the current president of Uganda is apparently just as bad as Kony using the same tactics in abducting and using child soldiers and killing hundreds of thousands of people. The best part is the fact is that he is a dictator far worse then Kony who is supported by the US government. Basically it’s the usual game where we’re supporting a dictator who kills his own people. Locals in Uganda see the Kony 2012 film as nothing but an attempt to get an excuse for the US to invade their nation and then not leave. Sadly they are probably right since a bill has already been introduced in Congress calling for an expansion in funding and soldiers being sent to Uganda to go after Kony. It’s ironic that we’ll expend all of this energy on this man but ignore what the government of Uganda is doing to its own people.


The battle against unconstitutional bills continues. You may have heard of the NDAA a law which legalizes the military having the right to arrest and detain anyone who is “belligerent” toward the US Government. Many other bills are being challenged and battled to and prevent them from passing including an international treaty called ACTA which would allow governments for anyone signs the treaty to take down web sites in rather arbitrary moves without much due process of law. There has been a giant fight about this as group such as Demand Progress have been working hard to prevent Congress from legalizing law such as the NDAA (which sadly passed anyway). Thankfully we have other routes since multiple states are now passing laws nullifying the NDAA at the state level. But honestly this is far from over. I suggest joining groups such as Freedom Works, Bill of Rights defense committee and demand progress because these bills looking to take away our rights are not about to end anytime soon.

First NDAA, Now Enemy Expatriation Act


Real cause of gas prices:

A very interesting piece by Ben Swann one of my favorite news reporters. Basically he explains the real cause of rising gas prices. While I knew that inflation was a big part of it I didn’t realize how bad it is. The short version: In terms of buying oil with gold oil is actually cheaper now then it usually is at this time of year. Yet gas prices are going up. But why is that? If it was all supply and demand then oil prices should be up all across the board including in the price of gold. Basically oil prices are not really going up. The value of the dollar is dropping due to inflation and so is the buying power of it. Ron Paul actually pointed this out back in 2008 when no one else did and he noticed the same thing with oil prices. Another reason why I believe he is the only man running who is to be president.

The danger of Monsanto:

I haven’t blogged about them much but everyone should know about the danger of what is in our food supporters. Basically Monsanto is a company which makes GMO (genetically modified organism) food a type of fruit of vegetable which has been altered by science to behave a certain way. The problems with this are pretty numerous. The worst of which is the fact that through the force of government law Monsanto now controls ninety percent of all plants grown in American and most of the world. They do this by growing plants which cross pollinate with other small farmers. They then turn around and sue the farmers for “copyright infringement” since they have a patent on their seeds and they win! Farmers then either have to pay them a fee or start using GMO Monsanto seeds. The problem with this is that Monsanto seeds do not grow new seeds so every year you need to go back to them for more seeds. You can see the problem with this. This is just the beginning though. The level of corruption runs pretty deep including files leaked by Wikileaks showing that the FDA has purposely ignored information showing GMO food to be dangerous and even worked to to put penalties on countries who do not wish to use GMO food. The FDA has also worked to silence whistle blowers who have tried to expose Monsanto when FDA higher ups refused to release information on just how bad their food is. Studies have shown that GMO food cause organ damage in animals which consume it and now GMO plants are becoming so resistant to herbicides that Monsanto is being forced to use chemicals which are highly toxic and deadly to humans just to attempt to keep them under control. The level of danger and corruption is pretty sickening.