Rand Paul has officially endorsed Mitt Romney and Ron Paul has announced that he will not be able to win the nomination. This is the latest news coming out in politics for all supporters of the freedom movement and Ron Paul. With all of the success which the liberty movement as a whole has had in educating people about big government, big spending, endless wars, the federal reserve, inflation and such this has come as a very big blow to all of us. I’ll admit that even personally I’m feeling disappointed hearing this news. If you didn’t hear it Rand Paul while speaking with Sean Hannity officially endorsed Mitt Romney saying, “My father was always my first choice but now that the nomination process is over I’m proud to support Governor Romney,” and you can find the accompanying video here:

The internet was on fire from this and just about everyone Ron Paul forum, group, social media and everywhere else I knew of or was a part of had different opinions. People were asking if this could split the growing freedom movement, if Rand is a traitor, if he made a deal, did he sell us out. A lot of negative comments have been said about him with many saying that the revolution will continue on without Rand Paul. Now with this no one knows for sure why he would seemingly do this at the last moment. Sources claiming to have information from the Bilderberg a well known group made up of powerful elites in society who deal in major politics claim that a death threat, threat to Ron Paul’s life or something similar was given out which caused his son to do this.

Bilderberg Members Discuss Killing Ron Paul

Is Rand Paul Supporting Romney to Save His Dad’s Life?

Sadly we’ll likely never be able to verify for sure or not if this is true. Another blow then came when less than two days later Ron Paul himself announced that his delegate total is not enough to win him the nomination. Full details can be seen here: http://runronpaul.com/election/ron-paul-says-he-wont-have-enough-delegates-to-win-gop-nomination/ More or less it seems that he says that even with all of the delegates which the campaign has won they will number up to five hundred and not enough to win the nomination. So therefore he is conceding that while a victory is not likely that the campaign can still have an impact on the convention in Tampa, Florida to shape the changes in the Republican Party which plays in the long term goal of reshaping American politics.

So my personal thoughts… I see a lot of stuff with people asking questions such as if all delegates or most delegates are unbound why is he giving up, others say Ron Paul is not fully giving up, some say that he might be selling out or this is all too much of a coincidence and does play into something behind the scenes.

I have no idea if a death threat was made which caused this to happen or not but I wouldn’t be surprised if some kind of strong behind the scenes pressure which will never know if is happening. One needs to keep in mind that as President Paul wishes to stop all of the government printing, military industrial complex spending, bailouts, handouts, secret loans, the list goes on and so does the number of people who could potentially lose out. So yes, I do believe that something could be going on. I sincerely hope that this isn’t being done purely willingly by both Paul’s since it is coming at a terrible time. I won’t lie this is a horrible blow to the moral of all supporters as we continue through the last few primaries to try and win votes. I cannot say that I truly believe that we’ve been sold out or anything to that effect at least not yet.

Clearly the odds are no longer in our favor and I see a lot of supporters bringing up Gary Johnson everywhere saying that it is best to support Johnson, back Johnson, contribute to his money bombs and spread the word. Now don’t get me wrong I like Gary Johnson more than most politicians. Although there are claims that back in 2008 he was putting down Ron Paul which I need to look into. But he is more anti-war, anti-small government and such than most anyone else except for our man Paul. What I’m going to say at this point is that everyone has to decide for themselves how to take this announcement about endorsing Romney and not having enough delegates. Our first pick for president hasn’t actually said that he is dropping out of the race to be fair but what he said hasn’t helped us at all. At this point I myself personally will continue to do everything I can to support Ron Paul, his supporters, delegates, spread the word, etc.

I feel the best thing to do is until if and when he officially drops out of the race and until the votes have all been counted up in Tampa, Florida and the delegates all agree to make Romney the nominee that we cannot give up now. Supporters of this freedom movement have formed larger groups then ever before and the impact the Republican Party is being felt all across the country. Now the odds clearly aren’t in our favor especially since supporters, delegates, and none delegates alike will be discouraged.

But until the votes are counted I’m not going to throw in the towel. And while I’m not as sure for his son I can say that after thirty years I have a hard time believing that the Congressman would say something like without a good reason. Especially since back in 2008 he had refused to concede defeat until the very end and even in this campaign he made it clear that he plans to see things through until the end. Remember the delegates pick the nominee. Romney has the advantage but until he wins the nomination I refuse to simply accept that he will be it. If this happens and if the Congressman does not run third party then I will shift my energy to Gary Johnson.

I have nothing personal against this man but the truth is that he is not Ron Paul. Listening to him talk he does not explain all of his positions as well and he simply does not have the support base like the campaign does right now. While I do believe that the Libertarian Party has been extremely helpful in spreading the freedom movement and that Harry Browne was a personal favorite of mine who I would have voted for back during the Bush election if I were old enough. I do not believe that especially in this rigged voting system that he can truly beat the current candidates with how little people know of him. So for now I’ll keep my support with my current candidate until that is no longer an option and then I will change.

Finally the last thing to keep in mind is that at the end of the day and like I said before this is not the end. People are saying for Ron Paul to not destroy himself and only time will tell how this plays out. But as I have said before in a previous article changes in the Republican party are happening:


Even if 2012 is not the year where we make our victory for president we have had many minor victories which will lead into the bigger one. I won’t lie with any else either then a freedom minded president at the helm things will get a lot worse before they get better. But take heart in the fact that we are changing things even if it ends up taking a bit longer than we should. So this talk of Rand Paul endorsement, Ron Paul not having enough delegates, and Gary Johnson will not be the end of the freedom movement no matter the results