Overdue for an update/pressing matters, ACTA, NDAA, Alternative information web sites/groups, alternate search engines, online money ideas:



Overdue for an update to the blog here and keep meaning to work on one. Just busy. So I won’t worry to much on this and just get to the most pressing things.




First of all people knew about SOPA from my black out of my blog. Well currently there is a worse item which is trying to be forced on us now called ACTA. An international treaty which would put massive censorship ability in the hand of all world governments who sign onto it. Clearly I have a lot of problems with this just like anyone else would.



This is just one of many articles which list the many dangers which ACTA poses.



There are things floating all around. One above is a petition to stop ACTA and the other gives instructions to all people in how to contact elected officials to help try and block ACTA before it’s to late.


The biggest problem with ACTA is simply the fact that to a large extent it basically allows one government to arbitrary demand that another country removes a certain web site without any real due process of law if they accuse them of wrong doing. Something which I think we can all agree is dangerous in the hands of one government. Much less multiple governments including the USA and China.





Next up is the NDAA which I am sure most people have heard about. If not the NDAA known as the National Defense Authorization Act is a law passed by congress which has vague wording which has made it legal for the US military to arrest people who are suspect of being terrorists without due process of law or trial. Naturally this is terrifying to a great number of people. Thankfully people are speaking out against this. The ability to take away the right to fair trial for everyone including American citizens is just wrong.





The best thing to do here is to sign the petitions and contact your local state representatives to urge them to co-sposner the new bill introduced by Ron Paul of Texas. The bill being one which nullifies the section of the NDAA which allows for the arrest of American citizens without trial.



Alternative information web sites/groups:


Finally I want to list good alternative web sites and groups to join to keep up o date information on what is going on. This includes:






Alternate search engines:


And finally some alternative search engines to use. A lot of people don’t know it but major search engines such as Yahoo and Google record your information and store it in their records which a lot of people find worrying. Here are some alternatives.





Online money ideas:


And my final thought. I’m always looking around for different things. Currently I’ve been looking for a good supplier of metal coins. Gold and silver to stock up a little one and also money making ideas online.