So I thought it would be fun to go on another rant about Monsanto and how truly evil I find this company to often be. It seems that this large GMO company can literally make themselves immune and more powerful then the government itself. For years everyone has known the symbiotic/parasite function between big government and big corporations. Lobbyists pay Congressmen to make a vote in favor of them or some such silly thing. It has been going on for years and only seem to be getting worse. Monsanto already seems to have unlimited power.

Suing farmers who’s crops get contaminated by Monsanto GMO crops. They Monsanto can sue them for copyright infringement.

Getting the US government to pressure other countries to accept GMO.

Spending millions to shoot down any attempt at legislation to label GMO products. Despite the fact that surveys have shown that as many as seventy percent of Americans would want GMO to be labeled (Showing how few people realize that most of our food is GMO anyway).

I’ll give some articles to read about below but in short in their great wisdom Congress has passed a new bill that had a add on being referred to as the Monsanto Protection Act. Long story short is this will make it so the USDA will have zero ability to stop Monsanto from further planting a GMO crop even if it is under review for being unsafe for the environment and humans. Federal courts are basically powerless to do or say anything. Protection Act is right since it protects big business interest easily. Keep in mind that a majority of studies on GMO are done by Monsanto themselves with very little independent studies done.


The government often just takes them at their word if you look into it. But to add insult to injury now even if there is proof that such plants can be dangerous Monsanto can plant as much as they want while a full review is done which can take a very, very long time. It’s all pretty sad since multiple independent reviews outside of the US have often shown GMO to be anything but safe. In fact GMO is so despised in some countries that Hungary just recently destroyed a large amount of GMO crops. Both Hungary and Peru have outright banned such crops for a very long time. To anyone who reads this kind of page I’m sure you can guess just how bad this stuff is. Best thing I can suggest is to talk to your friends, family and strangers. Make them aware of what is going on and get involved. It seems like the government will let Monsanto do almost anything they want so it will be up to regular people to cause change to happen.