So I apologize for my long overdue update once again. Life tends to keep me busy but I’ll try and address a few key points real quickly.

Ron Paul and the battle for delegates:

Anyone keeping up with the Republican race probably knows that things are getting down to the wire now. Currently there are less then twenty states left to vote and Santorum just recently dropped out. Newt Gingrich is expected to announce is withdrawal from the race today leaving only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Which is funny and you likely wouldn’t know this if you were following the mainstream media who are saying that the Paul campaign is winding down. The exact opposite is actually true with Ron Paul making public appearances which are drawing thousands of people and the campaign now actively campaigning and airing ads in Texas.

First of all if you want a more accurate idea of the real delegate numbers check out the blog lemon global.

This number needs to be slightly updated but basically it puts Ron Paul at about 500 delegates now and Mitt at 600. How does this work you ask? Well basically there are two big factors. The first being that a majority of caucus states are still going through their voting process. For instance Politico ( ) says that Mitt has 13 delegates, real clear politics says he has something like 10. None of these are accurate because the delegates for caucus states do not cast their vote until the Republican convention. However we do know who the delegates are supporters of and most of them are not Mitt or Santorum delegates. In the voting which has happened so far most of the delegates have ended up being Ron Paul supporters.

You see the Paul campaign learned a lot from the election in 2008 where even though the campaign failed to win the majority vote in says Nevada they still won a majority of the delegates in the caucus. So the strategy this time around has been to focus more resources on caucus states to win as many delegates as possible. This isn’t to say that there hasn’t been opposition to cheating though such as in North Dakota where the state GOP party gave voters a preselected Mitt Romney friendly list of potential delegates to vote on and presented this as their only reach choice. Which is not the way a caucus works. Sadly there have been similar problems all across the country.

Back to the original point though Ron Paul is expected or has been winning large number of delegates in caucus states such as Iowa. When Santorum was running this was expected to put him in third or second. With Santorum gone most of his delegates are now expected to vote for Ron Paul at the convention. Keep in mind none of these numbers are hard numbers but overall they are good guesses. So when the time comes we’ll see.

Now I won’t lie and pretend like the odds are not against the Paul campaign. Mitt Romney has massive donations from corrupt firms such as Goldamn Sachs (funny enough the same companies bankrolling the Obama campaign) and when you factor in the free media coverage Mitt is getting it makes this a very uphill battle. Our advantage is the massive grassroots effort which Ron Paul has on his side. Currently there are about 700 delegates left and Mitt needs 400 more to get the nomination. So the real goal now becomes to prevent Mitt from hitting the magical 400 he needs to reach the 1,144. Keep in mind this is all guess work. If Mitt can be prevented from claiming to have enough delegates by the time the GOP convention takes place then what is called a brokered convention happens where the delegates can vote for anyone they choose and this is where we can win. Because even in states which are not caucus states it has been confirmed that a majority of delegates are Ron Paul delegates. So what can you do? A few things. Spread the news. Share articles around Ron Paul, tell your friends, family, take part in the phone from home program, donate and also one or two new things I will touch upon.

For a good video of what is going on feel free to check it out here:

If you have voted or if you are going to vote for Ron Paul or know anyone who has please direct them to this link and the sites it leads to:

This is a set up for voters to sign a affidavit which is legal to use in court proving you voted for Ron Paul. We need everyone signing and sharing this now. The reason why is because this can be used as proof proving the number of votes Ron Paul really received in states which have voted already and also force more fair and honest counting of votes in upcoming states. So please share.

Finally Texas is an open primary:

Meaning that anyone can vote. As long as you’re a registered vote you can vote. So please get together everyone you know and vote for Ron Paul when the time comes.