The Supereme Court Rules USA National healthcare/Obamacare is legal. Facts on why Obamacare is bad And Update On The Kayak and Kayaking Bill Status

Everyone has most likely heard by now the recent ruling by the Supreme Court saying that national health care/Obamacare is indeed legal. The basic idea is to give America a national health care system much like Canada or other countries so everyone will have health care. People below a certain income bracket will get free health care or discounted health care through the government. A lot of people wish to believe this is a step forward in the failing medical system in the USA but the truth is that it is not. The fact that the Supreme Court made this ruling was honestly no real surprise to me. I was very disappointed but it wasn’t a surprise since this isn’t the first time they have made a horrible ruling.

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Basically the claim is that the mandate forcing everyone to buy health insurance is not illegal since the fines you would have to pay are a tax. It’s ironic since leading up until now the Federal Government denied it being a tax over and over again. So yes if you can’t afford health insurance and you don’t fall within the range to get government help then you will likely be in a lot of trouble. So everyone wonders what’s so bad about national health care. I’ve actually gone over this before and a few months back had a huge debate with some friends about it. I’ll highlight all of my biggest problems here to show why this will only make things worse. The biggest problem is the fact that state governments work with the American Medical Association to purposely limit the number of doctors which medical schools can train.


This practice has been in effect for years now and was done with the claim to make sure that doctors are properly trained. The problem is that states haven’t really allowed the number of doctors per year to keep up with population growth. So now the population has continued to grow while the number of doctors being trained per year has stayed about the same which clearly is bad. Back in 2002 the Doctor to Person ratio in the country was rather terrible for a developed country rating at about 2.3 doctors per every 1,000 people. When you stop to think about it quickly comes to you about just how serious a problem this is. And remember this was back in 2002 and the population has grown even more since then. So how exactly are two doctors supposed to realistically provide excellent care for close to a thousand people. This isn’t factoring in problems such as doctors leaving the job, the fact that half of the doctors working now will be 65 by 2020, that people are living longer and need more extended care.


Now I know people say well Canada does it but Canada is even worse. In ranking in terms of doctor to patient the US ranked 52 while Canada ranked 58. People pretending that a lack of doctors is not a problem is a fantasy honestly. The lack of doctors is all directly caused by government and you can’t have a good system when there is a lack of people. That’s basically like having two employees run an entire McDonald’s by themselves during their busiest rush hour. This is honestly one of if not the biggest problems and countries like Canada do the exact same thing which the USA is doing which is adding to the lack of able bodied doctors


Next is the unfair monopoly which the Federal and state governments give to drug companies. Drug companies have zero competition since people are not allowed to buy prescription drugs out of the country. On top of that drugs which you can buy over the counter in places such as Mexico you need to get a prescription here. The Federal Government, Drug companies and Insurance companies are heavily involved in what type of treatments patients get and what doctors are allowed to do. Doctors by law are actually not allowed to practice a variety of treatments even if a patient is dying and wishes to try an alternative or experimental treatment. Now you can see the big problem with the very same drug companies who make money off of people getting certain treatments. And they are helping places such as the FDA decide what treatments patients are allowed and that’s it. Along with this the process of getting new treatments given the okay by the FDA is long, slow, tedious and expensive taking about four years and costing millions of dollars. The FDA tends to be very lax in giving the green light to treatments for new drugs.


But places such as a medical clinic in Texas which was offering a natural stem cell treatment it was a different story. If you don’t know what stem cells are the basic explanation is that they are cells created by your body which help in the healing process. A clinic developed a treatment where they withdraw blood from a person, use a machine to separate stem cells from the blood, then returns the blood and inject the stem cells into wherever you are injured to promote healing. Now keep in mind the blood is never altered, changed, drugs added or anything. Well basically the FDA came in claiming that because the machine which was used for the treatment had a part which was built out of state and the blood has to pass through the machine that this was a type of drug treatment which needed to go through the FDA approval process. The absurdity here of saying that a persons own blood and cells is a drug is rather astounding but they did. That is just one of a long list of similar cases where the FDA goes against anything not given the green light by big drug companies.


Things such as limiting the number of doctors and denying patients all treatments except a select few hand picked by the government and drug companies clearly makes no sense. So when people tell me that free health care is a step in the right direction and I pointed out of all this no one gave me a good answer or explanation. National health care will not fix any of this. It might make insurance companies a lot of money. But we’ll still have the monopoly of health care and the lack of doctors so the quality of health care will degrade. Even worse is the fact that the system is unsuitable. Counties in Texas for example are already reporting a lack of able body doctors to help patients. Canada is seeing a shortage of doctors as well. On top of this a country simply cannot afford it especially not a country such as ours which is drowning in debt. Greece for instance had free healthcare and this is believed to have largely helped lead them to their current financial state.

Now the USA is heading down the same path. What I find most concerning is people tell me how good this is but when I bring up these points no one was able to give me a valid answer to fixing this. Just that this is the right thing to do and a step in the right direction. I guess we will see where it leads. My friends have asked me if there is anything which can be done. At this point it really lies with state government. To my surprise my home state of Ohio and twenty four other states have already passed or are in the process of passing legislation against national health care which they are within their right to do so. Now if the federal government will respect this or if they will simply barge in just as they do with California and marijuana remains to be seen. But things are far from over. Either way I do suggest that everyone keeps an eye open on what happens with Obamacare and gives serious thought on what it will do for the future of our country.

” He also contrasted his plan with a $4 billion proposal offered by some Republican Senate leaders, which features new taxes on fuel, and a $2 billion proposal House Republicans offered Friday, which relies heavily on the higher fines on bad drivers, on borrowing money and on more than $550 million from an anticipated general fund surplus.” The transportation ministry also deals with different tourism sports such as kayaking which has seen a boon in subsidies offered by the senate.
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